Spindle Housing Assembly(Individual Parts)

Part No: RS1000, SHA100 Spindle Housing (bare) Price: $950.00 ea.

Part No: RS0005, 6BHD Spindle Price: $475.00 ea.

Part No: PM1125730, SNLW Bellville Washer Price: $47.50 ea.

Part No: RS0006, SN120 Spindle Nut Price: $42.00 ea.

Part No: TM 72218C Top Bearing Assembly Price: $130.00 ea.

Part No: TM665 Bottom Bearing Assembly Price: $135.00 ea.

Part No: 0500-9333 Cup Seal Price: $36.00 ea.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all Part Numbers Listed will
fit Challenger, Numac / U.S Mower

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