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December 9th, 2019, 04:52

Current SRB2 version: v2.2.10. This SRB2 version was released on March 6, 2022.

Official downloads page:

An unofficial list of downloads is provided below in case the main website is for some reason unavailable. Visit the official downloads page for Linux, Android, and Mac install instructions!

Unofficial Version 2.2.10 Full Game Downloads (select one):
Full game installer unofficial Skybase mirror:
Full game zip unofficial Skybase mirror:

Go nuts! Again!

Smiles The Fox

December 12th, 2019, 00:44



February 17th, 2020, 04:07

Version 2.2.1 is out!

Hey all!
We’re releasing an update to 2.2. 2.2.1 is here! Since so many things were changed, we decided it was correct to release this as a full install package, so you’ll need to redownload this. You should be able to install this into your SRB2 folder where 2.2 lives with no problems. Your save files from 2.2.0 will still be valid.
We’ve been meaning to get it out for a while, but one thing or another always caused a snag in the plans. There are a couple major changes we think people will be happy with (Objects now have shadows, and Fickle’s camera mod have been implemented, for example), but it’s mostly bugfixing. Also, we did neglect to add a name to the credits, so by way of apology, I specifically want to specifically acknowledge QueenDelta in this newspost for having made Dream Hill, a map that she made for 2.1, and was awesome enough for us to include in 2.2. She also made the new chip, enemy, and star assets for that map.
For right now, all we have is a Windows build for 2.2.1. As with 2.2.0, we will initially have a torrent available and update the page as we go. We’ll be periodically updating the download page and newsposts as builds for other platforms get added or otherwise made available.

Video with some noteworthy changes:

Changelog Highlights:
(Detailed changelog here) (

Shadows have been added to the game.
A slew of camera options originally known as the “ficklecam” mod (Made by fickle) from the forums has now been added to the game.
Added the “Simple” play style, which automatically orientates the camera. It may prove easier for players using controllers.
OpenGL batch files are included in this package.
GIFs may be recorded under OpenGL.
The renderer may now be changed while in game.
Players now only uncurl from a ball after hitting the ground when using the Elemental Shield’s ability. This means you can break those monitors under the goop in THZ2!
Added sixteen angle sprite support.
Fixed the Fire Shield being extinguished by lava.
Adjusted Tails’ flight to discourage mashing the jump button.
Players no longer slide off polyobjects.


February 24th, 2020, 01:28

Version 2.2.2 is out!

SRB2 Version 2.2.2. is now available. You can find the patch zip on the Downloads page. You will need to extract it to your 2.2.1 folder. It is mostly some bugfixes, and stuff for modders, though there are a few features that I think people will find beneficial.

We have also released an experimental 64-bit build for this. If you intend on using it, you must delete all existing DLL files from your 2.2.1 folder before extracting this patch.

We are still working on getting Linux and Mac updates for 2.2.1 as well as this. There will be an announcement when they are made available.

You can see the full changelog here. (


March 1st, 2020, 18:21

Hi there! it's me again!

- - - - - - - - - -

Me is online!


May 11th, 2020, 00:43

Version 2.2.3 is out!

Hey all
We’ve just added 2.2.3 as a patch update. Find it on the downloads page!

Highlights are:

* The console can now be used during menus
* The emblem hints and radar can now be used in Record Attack
* Continues can now be used infinitely in the vanilla game while using a save file; collecting tokens after obtaining all the emeralds rewards extra lives instead
* Added new laser effects for the Greenflower Zone 3 boss
* Many more features and fixes for modding purposes. See the full changelog here (

Linux users, binaries are available where they usually are. You can find that on the downloads page, they’ll be updated within moments of the post.

Mac users, we have a stable environment to make Mac builds in, we’re hoping to have a 2.2.3 build ready for you guys soon. Hold tight.

Windows users, you’ll notice that we don’t have a 64 bit build again. This is deliberate. The 64 bit build does not provide errorlogs, and those are becoming increasingly more important. The more people we have using those instead of 32 bit builds creates issues for getting reliable bug reports. And since there’s no benefit whatsoever to having a 64 bit build since Windows runs 32 bit applications perfectly fine, we’re not going to provide 64 bit builds until we can figure out what’s going on that is preventing errorlogs from being generated. As such, you will need a fresh 2.2.1 install of the 32-bit build to patch 2.2.3 over, the new patch will not work with the resource files that 64 bit builds required.


May 25th, 2020, 08:16

Looks like I missed the Version 2.2.4 release - it was released one day after 2.2.3.

Hey all,
We found a critical bug where players couldn’t complete the tutorial using the simple camera mode, so we fixed that. Also, we solved some issues in ACZ where you could get stuck on paths with certain characters. Not much else noteworthy, but you can find the changelog here (

To use this patch, all you need to do is copy the contents of the zip file into your existing 2.2.1, 2.2.2, or 2.2.3 folder and allow Windows to overwrite any files it asks about. Again, we are no longer supporting 64 bit builds. If you have a 64 bit version of SRB2 set up, you absolutely must get a fresh install of 2.2.1 and patch 2.2.4 over the new 2.2.1 install. 2.2.4 will not work if you try to put it in a folder with a 64 bit build.

Linux users, binary packages should be properly updated where they normally are found on the Downloads page.

Mac users, I know I said yesterday that we’d have an update for you guys soon, and in fact, we do have a functional 2.2.3 build for Mac and I was gonna make that public tonight, but now we need to get 2.2.4 squared away for you guys. Sorry! We’ll have that ASAP.


July 10th, 2020, 19:22

v2.2.5 and a small patch, v2.2.6, is out!

Hi everyone! Go grab our latest update from the downloads page!
We’ve got some great new features for you, including:

Shadows now render on the ceiling in reverse gravity.
The game now saves as the level ends. If you exit a special stage and re-enter the game, you will be in the next level.
You can now play as any character in NiGHTS mode.
You can now use SOC and Lua to make custom skincolors.
OpenGL has received an overhaul, resulting in performance improvements and shader support. The game ships with some shaders, but if your machine can’t handle them, you can turn them off.
Updated music for the tracks originally sourced from Mystic Realm.
We added Marathon Mode. It’s for full game speedruns. Find it under the 1 Player menu. We also included options for Ultimate Mode and for creating a backup to come back to if the game crashes during a live event.
Knuckles no longer crouches for as long after landing from a glide, making him lose less momentum and feel a little less chunky. He can swim underwater, too, which controls differently from gliding. We gave him a little something extra, too…

Play the video to see these features in action!

See the full changelog here ( Enjoy the update!

Things don’t always go as planned. Therefore, we’ve brought you another new patch, available on our Downloads page as usual. You will now be able to finish Black Core zone in unmodified single player! (Sorry we missed that.) We’ve also fixed some other small bugs and made some minor adjustments to Marathon Run.

You can read the full changelog here ( Enjoy!


October 5th, 2020, 02:33

v2.2.7 and v2.2.8 are out with new installers! Updated the first post as usual.

SeventhSentinel - September 30, 2020
Hello everybody! We’ve got another new update for you!

Since we had so much help from public testing, we were able to fix a lot of bugs. Thank you so much! We’ve also added some cool new features, such as:

Built-in skincolors may now be changed.
Added the netticbuffer cvar. This stores some inputs in a buffer in case the network is slow, exchanging netcode induced lag for input delay.
(OpenGL) Model Lighting now works when shaders are enabled.
Added a menu option to show joiner’s IP addresses.
New Master Server technology, bringing more uptime and smoother menus.
Optimized loading of PNG graphics, greatly reducing the load time of levels that happen to use PNGs.
Players can no longer change their name more than five times per minute.
Added a new Black Eggman sprite render by SuperPhanto.
3D models made by Jeck Jims are now included with the game.

You can read the full changelog here (

Windows users: we have also changed from the stinky old 7-zip self extracting archive to a shiny new professional installer that supports four languages. Patching the game from here on out should be faster and easier. We are also including full installers for every single update moving forward. (We will still provide zip archives for those that need/prefer them.) We hope these changes benefit new players and our non-English communities. We would like to extend our thanks for ACStriker and yfyfyfyfyfy for the Spanish and Russian translations of the installers, respectively.

That’s it! What are you waiting for? Head to the Downloads ( page already!

Hello everybody! Another update is here.

When we released v2.2.7, we accidentally broke the -file command line parameter — loading Lua scripts that added netvars via the -file parameter would lead to desyncs. This mostly impacted players on dedicated servers. The issue has been rectified.
We also broke PNG graphics in the OpenGL renderer, causing some mods to instantly crash in OpenGL. This has also been fixed.

Android users will be happy to hear we fixed the issue with the server browser. You should be able to join netgames as normal again.

This patch also has some other minor fixes, which you can read about on the full changelog (

Windows users: since v2.2.7 was so short-lived, we have made sure the new patch will work with both v2.2.6 and v2.2.7, just in case you missed our last patch. Remember, you can use the links to the zip files containing the game files if you don’t want to use the installers or if you experience problems with them. They’re in the fine print right under the links to the installers.

We appreciate your continued support as we strive to improve our favorite game. Zip over to the usual place ( to get the new patch.


September 19th, 2023, 10:16

A new version of 2.2 has been released.


Hello everybody! To cap off the summer, we’re bringing you part 1 of a double whammy of releases! Today’s release is SRB2 v2.2.12. Let’s start with the major highlights of the patch:
The first change I’d like to talk about has been requested by probably hundreds if not thousands of players by now, going back farther than when I myself started playing SRB2: you can now save the game and unlock secrets when addons are loaded. For as long as I can remember, SRB2 locked you out of saving with addons loaded as a defense against cheating — in the old days, the question our team asked was “Why should you be allowed to keep all 7 Chaos Emeralds if you only got them by replacing GFZ1 with a little room with the emeralds in it?” Well, times and changed, and the question we now ask is “Why not?” We believe that SRB2 is a game that people should be able to play any way they want. Besides, modders have long since figured out that all you had to do to save with addons was to load a SOC that allowed you to make custom saves, so all the limitation served to accomplish was to be an inconvenience to players who just wanted to 100% the game as Shadow ( So go out there, add your favorite characters and scripts, and enjoy playing SRB2 the way YOU want! (To be clear, stuff like DEVMODE ( is still considered cheating and will still stop you from saving, so don’t go thinkin’ there’s no more cheat protections at all!) (

Grab it, Gamma! (

The other major change I’d like to talk about is multiplayer emblems. You can now team up with your friends locally or online to collect emblems in the base game campaign or any map pack. For most map packs, the emblems you collect in netgames are yours alone; they are not shared with other players. They’ll have to hunt ’em down themselves! However, map pack creators can choose to make them shared by setting SHAREEMBLEMS = true in their MAINCFG SOC. Just remember, in netgames, the content that’s unlocked and accessible is determined by whatever the host player has unlocked. A minor exception to this is dedicated servers, wherein all content is automatically unlocked. Additionally, you can now unlock record attack emblems in regular single-player gameplay and in netgames. We hope you’ll have a great time earning and tracking down emblems with these changes.

Team up and track ’em down!

Also worth noting are these changes:

Fixed inconsistent crash caused by music volume fading while changing to different music
44 new player colors (press enter on the selector to see ’em all in a nice grid)
Toggle fullscreen on/off with F11, toggle renderers with F10
More accurate FPS counter
Cutscenes now play at correct speed for netgame clients
Fixed joining netgames during intermission causing strange behavior
Fixed IPv6 support
New UDMF, SOC, and Lua features (

Press Enter to use the color grid.This is, of course, not an exhaustive list of changes, so check out the full changelog ( to see the rest. Fixes for the long-standing issues commonly known as “leavebug” and “chatbug” are not on it — we’re still looking for a reliable way to reproduce those, so if you know of one, please get on our Discord server ( or our GitHub ( or GitLab ( and tell us about it. Additionally, changing from OpenGL to software render modes may not work in fullscreen; try going back to windowed mode with F11 first.

Please also note that the changes in the UDMF implementation have resulted in maps using object scaling to only scale their sprites, not their properties. You’ll want to extract your map’s TEXTMAP lump using SLADE, then run this Python script we wrote ( on it. Just make sure TEXTMAP is in the same folder as the script, and when the script is finished, you’ll get a TEXTMAP_MODIFIED.txt. Replacing the TEXTMAP in your map with the modified one will restore the objects to the way they behaved in the previous patch.

Those of you deeply ingrained in our community are probably aware by now that one of our artists, MotorRoach (, has completed a set of improved sprites for each character in SRB2. We know many of you were looking forward to seeing this in v2.2.12, but we have chosen to hold off on putting them in the game for now. While 4 of the 6 characters’ sprites are ready to put in the game right now, the last two, Fang and Amy, require code to account for additional animation frames created as part of the improvement process. This code was not worked on in time for the feature freeze phase of this patch cycle. Although we could have put the new sprites in for four of the characters, we ultimately decided that it was more important to keep the scope of this patch under control, and to keep the style of all the characters’ sprites consistent. While we can’t promise when we’ll be implementing them, rest assured we know how excited you are to play with them — trust me, we’re excited to play with them too! — and we’re underway working on the necessary code to get them in the game proper.
For those of you not in the know, click here to see a sneak peek at the improved sprites! (

That wraps up our news for today. Don’t forget to grab the new patch on our Download page ( Keep an eye here on and on our social media ( accounts ( so you don’t miss the thrilling conclusion of our double whammy. Thanks for being such an incredible community, and as always, thanks for playing!

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SRB2 v2.2 Released! [Latest Patch: v2.2.10] [Archive] (2024)
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